a photo that changed a nation

a photo that changed a nation








please do not ever think being aromantic is quirky or cool its practically like living in a world that doesnt know you exist, one you dont belong in

same for being asexual

i wanted to clarify this post, i do not want anyone to get me wrong: i appreciate my asexual/aro identity!!! i love being so, i just wish the world and perception of these identities was different and more welcoming than so exclusive to people who DO experience these types of attraction. i do not intend to offend anyone with this post, as it has a context beyond what i am saying.

never would i ever promote an ideal that said you should feel uncomfortable in your identity, or that its unnatural or NOT cool.

its cool to be you! and you have your quirks

its just

things need to be viewed differently

there are ways to see things, and asexuality/aromanticism are things that are definitely viewed with a skewed perception.

Stop sending OP hate for this what the fuck is wrong with you all?


still gettin this money tho


i feel so much better now omg


small neigh


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nothing really :\ but yoo kissing cats sounds great honestly hope youre having fun with that

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thanks i am

they are soft

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Wait what happened to the boyfriend thing I missed it

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what are you saying? are you talking about me? what